Fw: sign up.... (Geek factor 9)

Joseph S. Barrera III (joebar@microsoft.com)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 09:34:27 -0800

>I'm an old-guard hypertext guy, and one of the few of my generation to play
>with computers from grade school on. That means, I gather, that I'm an up
>and coming old fart at 38. I still know horrible things about how IBM's
>360/70-era VM operating systems and assembly language work (some things are
>branded on your memory, as with a hot iron, no matter how irrelevant they

Welcome, fellow-up-and-coming-old-fart.

Do you know PL/I? I think the world is ready for PL/I++, with classes
definied entirely through based pointers, and templates implemented through
several levels of LITERALLY definitions. Just think -- finally, an
object-oriented language for REAL men.

- Joe