Re: laying the smack down

Tim Byars (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 13:27:17 -0800

At 03:11 PM 1/16/99 -0600, C. Dale wrote:
>Oh, fun, an opening for a flame war!

Well it will probably be just you and me with 30 e-mails sent to Rohit and
Adam complaining that, "Tim and this new chickie are not discussing totally
boring tech bits and if I wanted to read this type of drivel I'd be on the
usenet, and Rohit won't you please do something about this. I'm going to
unsubscribe, really I am."

>You really ARE a WWF wrestler; I -knew- it!


Nope, just find WWF to be a beter model for life than just about anything
else I can see around.

>But seriously, this does give me a great idea for a next book. I mean,
>just think of the # of people who follow Jerry Springer on a regular
>basis! I could make mad cash with that kind of book! Let's see...catchy
>title....oh oh! I Beat My Man Down: a Guide to Showing Your Man Who
>Really Wears the Pants Without Being Prosecuted

Sure, look what it did for Pam Anderson

>P.S. Don't call me Chickie, that turns me on.

oh, wouldn't want that would we. "Rohit, Adam, now he's turning her on,
make him stop, make him stop."

>P.P.S. I'm writing a series of snapshots that I'm hoping will display
>the blurriness of defined "roles" in this field of work, as well as the
>blurriness of the boundaries of reality between and "real
>life." I've attached my latest scribbling/rough draft if anyone's
>interested. Don't expect anything deep or philosophical; it's just a
>snapshot (:

I liked it.



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