Re: laying the smack down

Chris Olds (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 18:59:43 -0800

Tim & Cindy,

If the two of you can't find the energy to flame each other in public, I
don't know what I'm going to do. I spend all of my time either reading
or writing "totally boring tech bits", and I don't have the energy (or
the skill?) to write really good flames myself. I started reading
usenet since before net.flame [sic] was created, and I can hardly read
usenet anymore because nobody there seems to know what a good flame
looks like, much less how to invite a group of close friends to pizza
with a 10K rant (I used to get one of these once a week; I sure miss
that pizza). If all I got from FoRK was tech bits, I'd unsubscribe and
make do with /. and W3C mailing lists. Every message on FoRK is a
potential mailbomb; it's the only mailing list I'm on that I scream at.
Thanks. I *still* don't understand wrestling, I still worry about
JoeBar and Adam, I'm still gripped by the continuing saga of whether
Rohit will ever get to class, and now I have more snaps to look forward