Re: laying the smack down

C. Dale (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 02:21:46 -0600 (CST)

Hi Chris.
I'm not any expert on flaming, only had a brief stint with a slightly
intelligent other-gender human on a BBS once. We ended up doing massive
drugs and having wild sex, but that was another timespace. So I'm no
expert. I just like to throw in a strange 2 cents occasionally since I
can't comment on most of the "totally boring tech bits" (tho i forward a
bit of it to friends now and again who might be interested, and there's so
much going on at RH that i'm afraid half the time I might be dishonoring
the NDA, so I just keep my mouth shut about all of it.) I just read the
most wonderful thing tho!:

This is from a short story by my favorite author, Flannnery O Connor:

The owner of a plantation is going on about a polish worker she has being
much better than the "white trash and niggers" she'd formerly hired. Her
white servant, Mrs. Shortley felt this way about it:

"Mrs. Shortley could listen to this with composure because she knew that
if Mrs. McIntyre had considered her trash, they couldn't have talked about
trashy people together."

That just cracks me up!
P.S. Yeh, I miss the SotMESC (Spur of the Moment Elite Social Club) we had
back home on the BBSes. One day when teleporting is more efficient, we

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Chris Olds wrote:

> Tim & Cindy,
> If the two of you can't find the energy to flame each other in public, I
> don't know what I'm going to do. I spend all of my time either reading
> or writing "totally boring tech bits", and I don't have the energy (or
> the skill?) to write really good flames myself. I started reading
> usenet since before net.flame [sic] was created, and I can hardly read
> usenet anymore because nobody there seems to know what a good flame
> looks like, much less how to invite a group of close friends to pizza
> with a 10K rant (I used to get one of these once a week; I sure miss
> that pizza). If all I got from FoRK was tech bits, I'd unsubscribe and
> make do with /. and W3C mailing lists. Every message on FoRK is a
> potential mailbomb; it's the only mailing list I'm on that I scream at.
> Thanks. I *still* don't understand wrestling, I still worry about
> JoeBar and Adam, I'm still gripped by the continuing saga of whether
> Rohit will ever get to class, and now I have more snaps to look forward
> to.
> /cco