Re: laying the smack down

Ian Andrew Bell (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:23:25 -0800

C. Dale Scribes:
> A Day in the Life of a Token Chick in Tech Support

I've seen this motif before. It's SO prevalent in high-tech because
we're all so emotionally stunted.

It's interesting that in a world which favours emotionally
underdeveloped males, women cast in the same environment are forced into
matronly roles. That vignette, if it's reflective of reality (and I
think it is), shows that you are the mother for a whole pack of wolves,
calming fears and insecurities while indulging the self-centered angst
of the isolated and insecure. It sucks, but whether you know it or not
the reward for all of that hard work is the continuous, self esteem
boosting adulation rained upon you from these boys. You are surrounded
by malehood and you could pick any one of them you wanted, because they
all love you, in that young teenage-boyish sort of way that we're all
supposed to feel when we're 13.

Anyways, an interesting read and while there's no particular reason for
responding I thought I would let you know that I get it. You should
continue, but whatever you do, don't read Douglas Coupland's
"Microserfs" because it will definitely contaminate your work.

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