Re: The Secret Diary of TRAVELMAN: the Sequel

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 08:16:25 -0800

Oh Lloyd. People don't go to the movies for the ambience, they
go for the sex and violence.


Lloyd Wood wrote:
> Rohit writes:
> > For another, the inflight movie was Ronin, the first one I've cared
> > to see in a long time. Waay too violent for an airline film, I
> > thought, but just right for me.
> I made a point of seeing Ronin the night before I left for INRIA.
> Excellent setup and ambience, although the plot overreaches and flags
> ludicrously towards the end.
> Thanks to Ronin, I was somewhat disappointed in the ambience and
> architecture of the Cote d'Azur. The Nice I saw is nothing like the
> Nice you see in Ronin; Ronin presents something more like
> Toulouse-on-a-hill.
> L.
> Aah, Dierdre. colour my boathouse.
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