Re: [NJ News] Rage Against the Machine concert

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:48:32 -0500 wrote:
the state -- including the Governor -- is getting involved! The big
question seems to be this: If someone purchased a ticket because they
wanted to see three good bands perform and NOT because they wanted to
support a political cause (and possibly support a murderer)should they
still attend the show for the sake of the music?

Yes. If they agree with the politics involved, there's no reason not
to. *Personally* I find Mumia and his supporters repugnant and
ignorant (arrogantly so), and because of this shindig, will never buy
another Rage or Beasties CD. It won't make a damn bit of difference to
them, as most of their loyal fans are the MTV "A rock-star said it so
it must be true" set, and will buy any crap they care to burn on a
disc, but I cannot in good conscience support anyone who blindly
supports a cop-killing maniac, just because he's the latest
Holly-weird fad. Mumia widowed a 24 year old girl and deprived a baby
of knowing her father, because he was white, but it's not a hate
crime. And he's not really guilty, he's a victim of the system. Blow

I'll be interested to hear how the police assigned to security detail
at the concert handle it. And how many call in sick that night :)

Jay Thomas
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