Fw: World's Smallest Web Server

Joseph S. Barrera III (joe@barrera.org)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 02:29:42 -0800


The web page you are reading is served to you by the computer in the photo
(click on it for a closer look). (That would be the box on the left, the one
on the right is a Russian collector's item.) It is Jumptec's DIMM-PC, a
single-board AMD 486-SX computer with a 66 MHz CPU, 16 MB RAM, and 16 MB
flash ROM, big enough to hold a useful amount of RedHat 5.2 Linux including
the HTTP daemon that runs the web server. At relatively low usage levels it
consumes 800 milliwatts from a 5V power supply, rising to 2 watts at 100%
CPU usage.

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