Thanhisms for 1998

John Boyer (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 14:37:38 -0600

Here are this years additions to the list of Spoonerisms as spoken by my
wife Thanh.
For the rest of the list refer to:
Howdy Fartner!

That car sure is a melon!

Those Washington Beaurocraps!

Do you have the right handcuffs for that tuxedo?

Did you just take a teaspoonful of goofy?

He is not very big for his size.

He hurt his funny elbow.

It's like sitting on eggshells.

The shit is really gonna hit the ceiling now.

I didn't have to twist your finger

I was gleaming with pride.

Have you seen the play "Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof"?

My grandfather was a saint, that's why he had so many mistresses.

She does have good grammer, and so is all her daughters.

At least we didn't lose our pants on that deal.

I tried solving it, but ran into a brick road.

The men should help with the dishes, after all this is the 80's! (24-JAN-99)