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Rohit, please install majordomo. It's insulting to the rest of us that
you are willing to waste all of our time getting bounces (especially
ones like this), rather than taking any responsibility for the list you

- dan

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-> Iridium LLC indicated in its fourth quarter and year-end financial
-> reports for the period ending 31 December it had lost five more of its
-> satellites. Consortium leader Motorola so far refused to comment.
-> Iridium didn't directly state that five more satellites were lost, but
-> from the number of launched satellites (86) and the figure given by
-> Iridium of 8 functional in-orbit spares it can easily be calculated that so
-> far 12 Iridium satellites have failed. The constellation consists of 66
-> LEO satellites, so the equation looks like this: 66 operational + 8
-> functioning spares + x defunct = 86 launched. It's quite obvious that x =
-> 12 and not 7, as so far admitted. This would also mean a total failure
-> rate of 14 percent, or one in seven satellites.
-> Another implication is that Iridium is at least three spares short, as
-> the system should consist of six satellites in eleven orbital planes, plus
-> one spare in each plane (resulting in a total of 77 operational satellites.
-> The problem might be even a bit more serious as it is not known whether
-> the failures are evenly spread over the planes or whether certain planes
-> are more affected than others. There's so far no official statement by
-> Iridium. Consortium leader Motorola let it be known they wouldn't comment
-> about individual satellites. [They must've learned that from a certain
-> satellite operator in Luxembourg.]
-> Down on Earth, Iridium is troubled by more problems. The consortium had
-> expected 200,000 customers by the end of 1998 but reportedly so far has
-> just 3,000--certainly not just because of a five-week delay in the roll-
-> out of its service last year. In addition to problems with unavailable
-> consumer equipment, Iridium's performance figures seem everything but
-> convincing: the company reported a rate of dropped calls of six percent,
-> even though 3,000 customers possibly cannot put the system under full
-> stress.
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-> Peter C Klanowski shall not be liable for errors or delays in the content,
-> or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

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