Re: KHARE Goes Shopping

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 20:31:34 -0600

> Inspired by the late presentation of the Annals of Improbable

I'll say! Which of the caffeine, rustic packaging, cocoa, sugar,
metabolism-cracker and cruciferation (mustard-giver) food groups
had you satisfied, I wonder. That woman's leading you astray indeed,
as witness the -bottled- salsa. Your Mac even noticed.

Next time, no brands without XML sites (ahem). (Clear plug for MS

> What else is in this first bag? Mazola no-stick corn oil spray -

I totally missed out on the chance I had to get Rape Oil (==Canola) when
some beautiful person decided honest groceries were best. *sigh*
Maybe I'll try rebranding as a business tactic someday. And speaking to
NTK, at least you got better groceries on the second reading.

> scanned a wall of tempting oils and just couldn't bring myself to

So at the register of Upscale Kitchen Tchotchkes, I turn around and
recommend the hand-charged oil sprayer, which comes with a clever smooth
brushed aluminum cap over its aluminum shaft, to the blushing bride-to-be

behind me, completely missing the chance to spec above oil.

> Two x 2-liters of Diet Coke.

Phenylananine is toxic even if your body neutralizes it, and it messes
your natural metabolism of Pinot. Get sugars next. Good luck with the
Thai noodle kit, I'm curious....