Shoutcasting update--WSMF the first 8 days

Tom Whore (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 02:18:43 -0800 (PST)

Its been 8 days since the DSL went into the Media Whore Studios and WSMF
radio went on the stream. I was thinking this would either fall on its ass
with a thud or at best rock on and make me a happy geek for a few days.

Looking back a month from now I may find this is premature, buti have a
very distinct feeling WSMF shoutcast radio will be around this time next
year in some form or another.

On the tech side the shoutcast server is so damn solid its amazing. The
linux problem has been solved with the inclusion into the layer mpg123 of
streaming capabilities and of the Icecast server. The mac side is still a
deep dark whole we need to fill. If you know of Mac coders please please
please get them hooked on shoutcast. They days when mac is months behind
the curve should be over withthe boom of Imacs.

Server relaying is so simple its hardly worth mentioning other than its
such a god send. Ive been hitting the max user on my stream a few times
(given the DSL I have I set it to 9 listners at 24kbs/22mhz) but thanks to
several good souls have had spill over servers.

Sharing streams and carrying other's streams is also a snap. Point and go.
Im beging to see the beginings of loos networks and associations forming

Being able to set multiple servers up on one box is great for those of us
who work behind a fire wall. I have one set to port 8000 and anotther
relaying the main one out to port 23. Not even Kai would firewall port 23.

Listners, this is the thign that is giving me the most hope, Ive had the
server fill up some and stay on a steady 50% to 70% full most of the day
and into the night. There are core listners who have mirgated to
#wsmf and seem to be passing thru or staying on a regular basis.
Thos who stop by are quick with a request or a comment and are helpfull. I
have yet to have anyone pull what most folks would expect from this sort
havent seen a hint of that.

I am personaly having a blast, but more importanly am finding
the programs, coders, and listenres who are into making this whole concept
work smoother, cleaner and with more time to sit back and get truly
creative. In the beatlesque eight day week i have already found programs
to anouce real time playlists on a web page and on irc ( or
#wsmf on efnet). I have also found a core of people that seem to be into
pitching in with music, grfx, page layout, playlists, etc. I am making
this whole thing as much a project for the listners who want to get
invloved as it is for myself.

If in your travels you see things that might be usefull for this project,
drop me a line. Requests for songs are as much of a joy as finding songs
and grfx in my upload dir:)- (

So after an eight day week I so say that the birth stage of this project
is delivered well and healthy and that its growth is well on the path to
an interesting childhood.

(So im rambling about it, im happy , get used to it.)

--wsmf shoutcast radio-<Open 24/7>--[]