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Jim Whitehead (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:03:37 -0800

I've only ever been to one non-US IETF meeting, in Munich last summer. The
same amount of work got done as at a regular meeting, but I recall that it
was much better than the average US meeting for doing fun things outside the
IETF meetings. I feel these informal ties are very important, but they're
not very quantifiable when trying to figure out travel budgets.

I also have far more lasting memories of doing fun things in Munich, than at
any other IETF meeting, which also doesn't help the travel budget rationale
I'm sure :-)

It was pretty amusing watching the staff at the Munich Sheraton deal with a
small horde of techno geeks. As I recall, they weren't very pleased with
people turning their lobby into a terminal room for people with roaming-IP
laptops. Of course, people wanted to be in the lobby, since everyone coming
or going to the meeting had to enter through the lobby.

- Jim

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> Are the IETF meetings held in non-US locations essentially
> the same except for the venue? Or they more productive?
> Less?
> Yes, there's an agenda behind this: travel budgets.
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