Allow me to express my consternation.

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 13:44:15 -0500

Okay, maybe *I'll* never get my name on the nomination ballot for 1999
Board of Trustees Election for ISOC, but c'mon...Steve Case? The man
responsible for the abortion known as AOL?? As a trustee of the
Internet Society?? Thats just damn scary!

1999 Board of Trustees Election Candidates
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:48:23 -0500
Internet Society <members@ISOC.ORG>

On 26 February 1999, ballots will be posted for the election of
new Internet Society Trustees. Election Day is scheduled for
3 May 1999, when received ballots will be opened and tallied.
Internet Society members will be asked to elect FIVE Trustees
who will each serve a three year term. The role of a Trustee is
detailed in the Internet Society By-Laws not included in this
notice but available at:

The nominations period for selected candidates commenced on
17 November 1998. Seven members served on the Nominating
Committee, with a quorum of 5 needed to conduct business. A
slate of 10 candidates was nominated and announced by the
Nominating Committee on 19 December 1998.

This announcement also invited additional nominations by
membership petition for candidates for the 1999 Trustee

Completed petitions with the "signatures" of at least 68
voting members of the Society were due at the Internet Society
Secretariat by 12:00 Midnight, Eastern Standard Time (-5 GMT)
22 January 1999.

Letters of intent to petition were received from seven (7)
Petitions were received from five (5) individuals and the submitted
petitions were verified by the membership department. The
following four (4) persons were validated by the Nominating Committee
as successful petition candidates for the 1999 Trustee Elections:

Martin Burack
Srisakdi Charmonman
Hans Peter Dittler
Manuel Sanroma

The final 14 candidates whose names will appear on the ballot are:

Martin Burack (USA) <>
Steve Case (USA) <>
Srisakdi Charmonman (Thailand) <>
Hans Peter Dittler (Germany) <>
Patrik Faltstrom (Sweden) <>
John Gage (USA) <John.Gage@SUN.COM>
Paul Hoffman (USA) <>
Tarek Kamel (Egypt) <>
Kazunori Konishi (Japan) <>
Costas Popotas (Luxemburg) <>
George Sadowsky (USA) <>
Manuel Sanroma (Spain) <>
Javier Sola (Spain) <jsola@AUI.ES>
Florencio Utreras (Chile) <>

Statements and biographical information for each of the
candidates will be included with the ballots when
posted on 26 February 1999. It will also be available at:

Voting members, whose memberships are current and valid
on 15 February 1999, will receive ballots and will be able to vote
either electronically or on paper. Election date is set for 3 May

Procedures for Nomination and Election of Trustees is available at:

Respectfully submitted,


The 1999 ISOC Nominating Committee

Kees Neggers (Netherlands)
John Gilmore (US) gnu@TOAD.COM
Jun Murai (Japan) jun@WIDE.AD.JP
Leni Mayo (Australia)
Steve Wolff (USA)
KC Claffy (USA)
Jill Foster (UK)

Committee Email address: