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More Info On Mac Os X Server By Dennis Sellers, Dsellers@Maccentral.Com
February 1, 1999, 1:30 Pm Et

We've Received More News Concerning Mac Os X Server Platform That Apple
Announced During Macworld Expo In San Francisco.

It's Due At The End Of This Month In The Us And Canada. It'll Be Coming To
Europe And Asia In April. It Will Be Available As A Software Package For Us
$999 Or Bundled With A 400 Mhz G3 Server (Including. Scsi And An Additional
Fastethernet Card). The Server Runs On Any G3 Mac Except Imac And Some
Powerbooks, Though It Works Unsupported On G3 Wall Street Notebooks.

Mac Os X Server Supports The New G3 Scsi, Ultra-ata And 100Bit Ethernet.
It Also Supports An Unlimited Number Of Users. The Install Is Similar To
Mac Os 8.5 Install (Very Simple, Fast). Mac Os X Server Includes Afp
Filesharing To Publish Hfs+ Disks For Netboot (More On This In A Moment).
It Looks Like Mac Os 8.5 As Far As Menus, Setup, Utilities, Etc., Go And
Resembles The Next Os In Other Ways.

The Server Os Includes A Java Virtual Machine, Has No C Compiler Included,
And Uses Ufs Formatted Partitions (Hfs+ Only For Netboot). Ufs Disks Can Be
Served With Ethershare (You See Great Performance). Hfs Disks Can Be Served
With The Built-in File Sharing.

Mac Os X Server Includes A Blue Box (The Mac Os Emulation Environment)
With Mac Os 8.5 For Running Traditional Mac-based Applications. Apple Will
Include A 30-Day Trial Version Of Helios Ethershare, Ethershare Opi And Pdf
Handshake And Print Preview On The Cd. Pcshare 3 Will Follow When It's

Mac Os X Server Will Be Marketed With The Following Four Features From Apple:

Netboot: This Is Software That Allows Imac And The New G3 Machines To Boot
Completely From The Server. The Local Disk Isn't Used. After The Boot Is
Completed, The Mac Can Login To Any Afp Server, Including Helios Ethershare
Running On Mac Os X. This Feature Is Very Important For Education Sites To
Save Maintenance Costs And To Support Many More Macs.

Apache Web Server 1.3.3: This Is The Powerful Unix-based Web Server. Some
Administration Can Be Done Via Http.

Quicktime Streaming Server: Quicktime Movies And Sounds Are On The Server
For Any Mac Or Windows Clients To Play Movies Directly From The Server.

Webobjects: Apple's Application Server Is Included To Spur Development Of
New Internet Applications Based On The Technology. Webobjects Includes A
Runtime That Allows These New Applications To Run But Are Limited To 50
Transactions Per Second.

Presently, The Performance Of Mac Os X Server Running On G3 400Mhz
Machines Can Be Directly Compared To The Fastest Single Processor Machines
The Combination Of Ethershare On Mac Os X As The Best Price/Performance
Appleshare File And Print Server Available And Which Outperforms Any
Nt-based Server.

A Fully Functional Server System Will Likely Sell For Us $16,000 (Without
Tax And Installation).


This last part is a joke, right?



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