Fwd: another bozo maneuver?

Tim Byars (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 08:46:17 -0800

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-> Apple quietly scraps Mac OS X Server for Intel
-> According to Apple's Dr. Ernest Prabhakar, the company will not be
-> releasing an PC-compatible version of Mac OS X Server, the UNIX-based
-> server operating system developed to compete with Windows NT Server. This
-> comes as somewhat of a surprise, given the fact that Apple was talking up
-> an Intel product since the OS was announced as Rhapsody a year and a half
-> ago. As recently as December, I talked to someone in Apple's press
-> relations who assured me that an Intel version was coming.
-> This decision will severely limit the number of people that have access to
-> Apple's most impressive technology, since Mac OS X Server for PowerPC will
-> run only on a small subset of PowerPC hardware. Whether Apple will continue
-> work on the so-called "Yellow Box" APIs (an updated version of the old
-> NextStep/OpenStep APIs) for Windows 9x and NT is unclear and, frankly, not
-> even newsworthy. No one is interested in such a product. What people are
-> interested in, however, is an advanced UNIX-based operating system with a
-> hybrid Macintosh/OpenStep user interface. In a day and age where Linux is
-> sweeping up in the media attention race, maybe Apple should have figured
-> out that a lame "HAL" Super Bowl ad wasn't exactly the right decision.
-> Neither was dropping the Intel version of Mac OS X Server and not telling
-> anyone.
-> Another bozo maneuver from Cupertino: It's only a matter of time before we
-> all stop caring.
-> -wininfo

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