FW: Bill gates era coming to an end?

Ernest N. Prabhakar (ernest@drernie.com)
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 21:24:37 -0800

I have no idea whether this is another hoax, but it is interesting just to
see the spin that people put on it.

From: Melba Jesudason <JESUDA@macc.wisc.edu>
Subject: Bill gates era coming to an end?
Date: Tue, Feb 2, 1999, 11:00 AM

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Subject: Bill Gates' era coming to an end?

Be proud . This is not only ground breaking news; it's
space-breaking news indeed. Fwd it to as many Indians as possible.
Ramlal Bhagat, a XII std. student from Haryana, has developed a
32-bit operating system demonstrated to be far superior to any of
the desktop operating systems in the market today. The program has
been named "O-Yes". O-Yes provides operating
system services on any Pentium-based personal computer (PC)
and does not require MS-DOS as a base operating system. The =
operating system's capabilities were demonstrated in a student
convention at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi.
HCL Ltd. conducted benchmarks on the system and published results,
which are partly reported here: O-Yes is 34% faster than
Microsoft's Windows 95 on similar hardware. It is 29% faster than =
IBM's OS/2. O-Yes loads 54% quicker than Windows 95 or OS/2. O-Yes

has a customizable, user-friendly graphical User Interface (GUI), in =
which every program can be accessed with a maximum
of two button clicks. The operating system provides plug n play
capability with numerous hardware devices. It has a superior memory

management function. The operating system is compatible with =
Windows 95&WindowsNT 4.0. HCL, Ltd. has offered an unknown amount to =
Ramlal Bhagat for purchasing the rights to the software. Ramlal =
Bhagat, described as "quiet and philosophical" by his peers, was =
not available for comment. Suresh Reddy, spokesman =
for HCL Ltd.,said, "this is the operating system that the world has =
been waiting for". On HCL's move to purchase the rights to the =
software, he said, "We are here to ensure that Mr. Ramlal gets fair

recognition and compensation for his innovation. HCL Ltd. can =
provide him a firm launch-pad to market software globally". Is this =
the beginning of the end of the Bill Gates' monopoly? Let's see... =
Send this to as many of your friends and relatives as possible so that

when the product hits the market every one will appreciate it. Give a

big hand to the great =
Indian .

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