Frivolous patent #157327524

Terence Sin (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 03:49:58 +0000

Is this for real? 350 strokes/minute??

UUS5501650: Automated masturbatory device

Inventor(s): Gellert; Reinhard R. , Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Applicant(s): none

Issued/Filed Dates: March 26, 1996 / Sept. 8, 1993

Application Number: US1993000118154

IPC Class: A61F 005/00;

Class: 600/038;

Field of Search: 600/38-41 128/897-899

A variable speed motor powering a crankshaft driven sealed transducer
producing pneumatically induced reciprocating motion of a receiver when
a male organ is inserted. The present invention employs a hermetic
system to prevent loss of synchronization. The receiver is designed with
an inner liner compliant enough to accommodate a plurality of sizes and
shapes of male penises. The present invention produces a stroke of
approximately 3 inches at a frequency of up to 350 per minute.

Primary/Assistant Examiners: Sykes; Angela D.; Lacyk; J