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Steve Nordquist (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 20:30:25 -0600

> the leadership of the USSR would have had to actually "turn off"

Hey! You said another phrase with only stopwords and dead words!

> the retaliatory launch.

...speaking of which, it's time for Outcomes Assessment to take its thron=
offering education at the exact moment it becomes useful in childrens' ap=
in court.
-------------BeDope SNIP!--
showing it off will be none other than Jean-Louis Gass=E9e, Be, Inc. CEO.

The focus of the segment will be to teach children the difference between=
concept of "Integrated" and "Not Integrated". Gass=E9e illustrates the di=
fference to
the muppet Grover, using the BeOS and NetPositive as an example of a web =
that is "not integrated" and Windows 98 to as an example of a web browser
integrated into an operating system.

"My hope is that not only will this educate children, but also the Micros=
lawyers, who fail to grasp this seemingly simple distinction when citing =
the BeOS
in court," said Gass=E9e.

"In our research we found that children of all age groups had=
the least
trouble using the BeOS asopposed to any other operating systems," saidJul=
ie Newman,
Program Director of the Children'sTelevision Workshop. "We're happy to fe=
ature the
BeOS on Sesame Street, and hope more parents use it as a tool to help the=
children adopt computers as a useful tool at a young age."

Naturally, the episode will be sponsored by the letter B.