Posh Spice, are you out there? [eMediaWeekly dissolves]

Rohit Khare (rohit@fdr.ICS.uci.edu)
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 02:32:11 -0800

Sigh. Still, think about it -- a market so small even IDG and ZD cooperated to
extract meager rents from it...


Posted February 4, 1999
eMediaweekly suspends publication

Mac Publishing LLC issued the following statement Thursday morning:

"Mac Publishing LLC today announced the immediate suspension of
eMediaweekly, the only weekly news publication dedicated exclusively
to multiplatform digital content creation.

"eMediaweekly, formerly MacWEEK magazine, debuted on August 24, 1998,
with a BPA-controlled circulation of 85,000 digital media managers
across North America. eMediaweekly targeted digital media
professionals who needed to multipurpose content across multiple
publishing platforms such as traditional print, the Web and
multimedia. The newsweekly will cease publication with its Feb. 1,
1999, issue.

"'Computer publications across the industry had a difficult year in
1998, and we have seen indications 1999 will be no easier,' said Mac
Publishing LLC President/CEO and eMediaweekly Publisher Colin
Crawford. 'Although eMediaweekly, with its integrated editorial
coverage of the entire digital media spectrum, launched with rave
reviews from our readers, the digital publishing market isn't mature
enough to sustain a newsweekly at this time.'

"Crawford added, 'Our goal was to serve digital media managers with
the level of in-depth, objective coverage of multiplatform products
that they needed. I'm proud that eMediaweekly was the first and only
publication to do that on a weekly basis.'

"Mac Publishing LLC, a joint venture between Ziff-Davis Publishing
Co. and International Data Group, is headquartered in San Francisco."