Re: Rohit's Grocery List

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Fri, 05 Feb 1999 11:51:32 -0600

We've had for years now. I've never used it. Partly,
it's because I like to wander around the store and see what's new, on sale,
etc. Partly, it's because I'm quite particular about my fruits and vegetables.
And, partly, it's because we shop at 4 different stores for different items.
Jewel/Osco for most stuff -- fairly good prices, very good selection on most
things, easy to get to. They carry the PC line, too. Slightly less convenient
and more expensive is Casey's, a small local outfit. We go there for the
outstanding meat, and some produce. Dan Casey and his butcher crew are fun to
talk to. Eagle, the closest store, we hit occasionally for the odd items that
Jewel doesn't make shelf space for, mainly Quaker Cookie Blast oatmeal, and Del
Monte Raspberry Peaches. And then we make occasional treks, 15 minutes away,
to WalMart for paper goods, light bulbs, et cetera. The traffic around WalMart
is heavy, but not horrible, being in the vicinity of the Fox Valley mall, and
other outlying strip malls, which include virtually every store you could ask
for, plus a Crate & Barrel outlet, Global Computer/Tiger Direct distribution
center/outlet, and even a huge MoPar distribution center. The SantaFe rail
automobile delivery station is in the area, too. If the place had mountains
and an ocean, it'd be perfect. Which would ruin it, and I'd have to shop


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