Re: Rohit's Grocery List

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 15:06:05 -0500

Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:
> I've used HomeRuns ( a few times and
> have been quite happy with the results. They deliver in any
> 2-hour window you specify, and if you order more than $60 worth
> of stuff there's no charge for delivery. ($10 otherwise.)
> And you can set up online shopping lists to use as the basis
> for future orders.

I'll second Gerald's impressions of Homeruns. Since the baby came,
getting out to do *any* shopping is a hassle. Homeruns has not
disappointed us yet. Prices are reasonable, drivers are courteous and
prompt, quality is excellent. I'm hoping they'll still be available to
us when we move to N.H. in a month. Otherwise, yet another convenience
of living in Boston I'll have to get used to living without.

> comparable to the local monopoly; I haven't used it for produce
> yet so quality hasn't been an issue, but I kind of assume they
> won't bring you garbage because if they did you'd never use them
> again.

Not only that, they are so desirous of good word-of-mouth and repeat
business, if you are unsatisfied with *any* purchase ("This lettuce
leaf is a little brown") they refund *double* the price paid for it.
Our last purchase came with a gal. jug of milk (Wife ordered 1/2 but
they were out of stock, so they gave us more for the price of the
1/2); the jug had a leak in the top, discovered when the driver was
unloading the crates in our kitchen. He told us to keep the gallon (we
poured it into a tupperware jug) and the price would be credited to
our next purchase. Voila. 2 *incredibly* satisfied & loyal customers.

> I have mainly found it useful because I don't have a car, so I
> use it to stock up on heavy stuff that I can store for months.
> (canned soup, pasta sauce, soda.) They're missing a few specific
> products that I like, so I still need to make regular trips
> myself.

One thing to keep an eye on when ordering -- units/quantity. My wife
ordered (she thought) a bunch of bananas; didn't notice price was per
each. We received a paper bag containting one (1) individually wrapped
banana :)

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