More net.fame for Rohit

Keith Dawson (
Wed, 2 Jul 1997 20:35:07 -0400

FoRKers: advance warning that I'm enshrining Rohit's latest
coinage in TBTF's Jargon Scout feature. This will show up on
the TBTF top page and in Jargon Scout later this evening. It'll
go out to the retro-push list next Monday.

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Jargon scout: reverse ego surfing

Rohit Khare <> went looking for his name in the Net
search engines -- Wired's Jargon Watch has enshrined the term "ego
surfing" for this pastime -- and came across a link to one of his
pages put up by Alan Cooper <> after he (Cooper) had
conducted his own ego-search. In a moment of reverse ego surfing
Khare put up a link back to Cooper's page to facilitate the further
researches of self-referential Net omphaloskeptics.

John Le Carre (no relation to Khare AFAIK) might have called this
practice "taking back bearings," a term he coined in The Honourable
Schoolboy for the art of tracking down opposing agents by divining
patterns of damage in the institutional wreckage caused by an enemy
mole. ("Mole" is another Le Carre coinage, this one from Tinker
Tailor Soldier Spy -- a long-term double agent who has risen to the
top ranks of your own service. The term has long since been adopted
at Langley, or so they tell me.)

Keith Dawson
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