Kleenex with Menthol

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 14:50:06 -0400 (EDT)

Is this some kind of joke? I can just imagine the kleenex-searching
spiders... Besides, I was praising the product. Which, by the way,
must not be so popular, Patrick, unless you can explain why the last
THREE times I went looking for cellulose tissue replacesments, I saw
many instances of the Kleenex Cold Care product line, but *never*
*again* with Menthol. Or is there a run on it?


PS. For new FoRKees, there is a Menthol post in there somewhere.

Message-Id: <01BC87B4.2EFFA460@usnoh055c.kcc.com>
From: Patrick Nowak <pnowak@kcc.com>
To: "'khare@w3.org'" <khare@w3.org>
Subject: Kleenex with Menthol`
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 13:22:32 -0500

We at Kimberly-Clark Corporation are not trying to get you addicted to =
blowing your nose with the use of Menthol. Menthol is not an addictive =
product. We are trying to develop products where they benefit the =
consumers. Kleenex with menthol is another innovative product in the =
large array of Kleenex - Scott Tissue lines. We hope you enjoy your =
Kleenex with Menthol.

Pat Nowak
Kimberly-Clark Corporation