Fetish victim or fleshy fascist?

Sidney Becker (plutarch@rocketmail.com)
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:49:46 -0700 (PDT)

Talk about the last Tyson fight has been running hot and heavy in the
teachers lounge this week. We have gone from the health risks to the
brute violence of our society to the possibility it was exactly what
the pay-per-chew viewers wanted. One point raised today by a rather
buxom math teacher has got me wondering not only about Tyson
reasoning, but also the availability of said math teacher.

In short she has put forward that Mike Tyson is a victim of an overly
active biting fetish. She seems to remember that biting had some
small part to play in his rape trial. Furthering her theory she links
the bull male bravado of Tyson's fighting mentality coupled with what
must be a warped sexual dependency on his abilities. Given these we
can see the bite not as an act of aggression as such, but rather the
response of a sexually excited male in the throes of passion.

I am not sure how much credit I put into this theory, but coming from
her well shaped lips it sounds like an interesting avenue to explore.
With my wife out of town this weekend I think I shall call my own
private summer school season on her biting sexual theories.


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