Re: Death and Lie All Glisten With The Energy

CobraBoy! (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 14:51:27 -0800

Someone named Sidney Becker around 9:48 AM -0800 on 7/3/97, cleverly
crafted this:

> Mr. Jimmy "It's a Wonderful Life" Stewart died yesterday. He was
> old, 10 years the senior of Robert Micheum who also breathed for the
> last time this week. They are dead, and here I am on a new mailing
> list.

$5.00 says Bob Hope is #3



Like a ghost breeze through the eucalyptus trees, nostalgia's wake of melancholy reverie clouds the shitty past with tear-jerking slop about a time when mediocrity and conformity were next to in the 50's by Robert Williams

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