RE: Apple user ideas

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 16:01:35 -0700

I should add, the worst thing is that I use to be able to say, smugly,
"I don't *know* anything about PCs... *I* use Unix."

I think I have a better idea of what it's like for ear/nose/throat
doctors to go to parties and get asked, "would you mind looking at

BTW the number one thing I have to fix on relative's/friend's/etc.'s PCs
is god damn crap installed by fucking OEMs who think they are "adding
value". My Father-in-law couldn't install his modem because HP put some
castrated version of Win95 on the thing - in particular, dial-up
networking was just plain not there. Even when you reinstalled from the
back-up disks, they had a reinstall .inf file that nuked dial-up
networking. Huh? How the hell is *anyone* supposed to figure that out?
It took me close to an hour to track down the offending .inf file with
"DialUpNetworking = NO" in it. God Damn Fucking Stupid Worthless Fucking
Piece of Crap OEMS.

- Joe

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