Re: Apple user ideas

Sidney Becker (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 17:04:35 -0700 (PDT) wrote:
> perhaps some sort of lameness scale would help clear this a bit. i
> believe it would require more than a simple scalar value (like a 5
on the
> Lame-O-Meter) but rather say a 3D vector with the dimensions:
> feeblemindedness, and gullibility.

While I find the manner of measure perfect, I would place most Apple
End Users much higher in the gullibility section.

The die hard fanatics of Apples products often will believe whatever
hype they are told to believe. In the school system this is certainly
the case, and on the few occasions when I have been to Apple trade
shows I see this even more

As the years have progressed the Apple End User has grown more
dependent on the "evangelism" put out by the company to make them feel
better about having signed on to a sinking ship. This is very evident
during talks of computer budgets.

I would add another measure to your scale, Arrogance. Mac users would
be off the scale on this account.

MS End Users are much like four year old children who know better than
to soil themselves, but do it anyway. They laugh as they proceed large
piles of fecal mater, and then proceed to play with it. Taken as a
whole they are to be spanked well after each encounter.

If we were to label these as A G F I and run the scale from 0 to 10,
10 being the highest level of that category, the following would be
my best estimate of various end users.
Apple Macintosh 10 9 6 5
MS Win95 7 8 10 9
MS Win3.1 5 10 10 10
Apple ][ 10 1 1 1


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