Re: Interview with author of "Infinite Jest"

duck (
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 11:04:35 -0400 (EDT)

>What a fuckin' crock of shit. The only way to survive is to lie. Period.

It's not the only way, Tim, just the easiest way.

>Those that don't lie, those that have talent, that live truthfully get
>eaten alive. Ask NBC, ask Viacom.

These are entities, not people. The talented and integrous may live lives
of obscurity or fame, but they die with a clear conscience (ask Einstein,
Da Vinci, Keller, Ghandi). I'd trade all the riches in the world for that
one right.

>Good idea's and talent delivered in
>painful truthfulness is for the birds. Period.

Truth is more painful than deceit?

>And you joe should know that better than anyone. Ms has built a large
>empire buy sending out "press releases" before a product in many cases even
>exists. That is called a lie. And it hurts, and makes other people lose
>their business, companies spend millions, and people get layed of. But it
>works and puts you on top. Period.

This is called "Capitalism." It is deceitful, yes, as all systems of
government are, but governments are contracts between individuals, and you
can't have an agreement without some degree of mistrust. The enemy cannot
live on lies alone, he must have the continued support of the lazy and

>Whomever this loser is, and I'm guessing he is a Canadian just by his
>"intellectualization and aestheticizing of
>principles" can come over every Wed. and mow my lawn.

I don't think you have a lawn, and i don't think i would believe you if you
told me you did. ;)

BTW, it's "ideas" not "idea's." You wouldn't want me to lie, would you?


"While I'm fully aware that money can't buy happiness,
I wouldn't mind being known as "the melancholy
guy who drives the red Lamborghini Diablo."

- George Olson