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CobraBoy! (
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 08:39:55 -0700

Someone named duck around 8:04 AM -0700 on 7/7/97, cleverly crafted this:

> Late that night we stumbled through downtown DC, where i relieved
> myself on the Canadian embassy in honor of FoRK.

YES! Good man , keep hope alive.

> While doing so, i thought
> it appropriate to sing the FoRK anthem - but realized we don't have one.
> So, i sang the national anthem and got through a verse and a half of the
> Marine's Hymn (i really had to go).

> So what say you - do we need an anthem? Ro says it has to be Weird
> Al. If so, i nominate "Dare to be Stupid." Or how about Supertramp's
> "Give A Little Bit?" (Please do not retaliate against me by suggesting
> Weird Al's "I Want A New Duck."). No, Adam, no Debbie Gibson.

Weird Al? pretty low class.

Supertramp is a little bit old, aren't they from the early 70's or something?

I went to Huntingtion Beach high for the local show. Now many of you might
have heard about the martial law state here in Huntigtion. Well it was. But
whatever... So you don't go downtown for a weekend.

Anyway, I am not the kind of person that goes to "family" event. As a
matter of fact, this is as far as I can remember my first. So the lovely
Fawn, coerces me to attent this event. Filled to the rim on tri-tip and
corn on the cob and smoking a hand rolled Nicaraguan cigar here I was. Of
coure the first thing was no smoking. Well hells bells, I'm not throwing
away a great cigar. So I just puffed on it after it was out. And I cleverly
said, "lets sit here," which happened to be with all the city officals,
fire captains, and muckty mucks.

So before I wax on like a school girl about how beautiful it was, let me
explain. HB High is located about 3/4 of a mile from the pacific ocean. The
weather was in the mid 70's with a slight breeze. Visibility was unlimited.
At sundown the show started. The fading sky with the fireworks going off,
the ocean breeze, the fresh air, everything made it a wonderful experience.
The only problem was the damn stupid music, all god bless america, marine
corp, navy themes etc. I just sat and listened to Metallica, Master of
Puppets playing in my mind while taking it all in.



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