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Here is an AP blurb that may interest you:

Kimberly-Clark To Introduce Menthol, Eucalyptus Scented Tissues

By KATIE FAIRBANK AP Business Writer

May 3, 1996

DALLAS (AP) - Tissues are getting very complicated.=20

The makers of Kleenex plan to take on moisturizer-laden Puffs Plus with =
new tissues loaded with all kinds of concoctions intended to make =
blowing your nose a little less irritating.=20

Starting in July, Kimberly-Clark will sell two new tissues, one =
implanted with Vitamin E and aloe, and another with menthol, eucalyptus =
and silicone.=20

And here's something a hanky could never do: Each time one of the =
''high-performance facial tissues'' is pulled from the box, tiny =
microcapsules release its aroma.=20

The tissues are stronger and softer than the low-performance variety.=20

And if that's not too much to expect from a tissue, Kimberly-Clark says =
its research shows people want tissues to pamper them when they have a =
cold or allergies. So much for chicken soup.=20

After test marketing the tissues in Australia, the company said it found =
80 percent of users were attracted to the tissues' softness and menthol =

But allergy sufferers might find some problems with the new, scented =

''None of our patients can use anything like that,'' said Debbie Ansley, =
office manager of the Allergy & Asthma Center of Duncanville, a Dallas =
suburb. ''Our patients are allergy patients and they're allergic to =
scents. If you're putting that stuff into the Kleenex they would have a =
reaction. ... We can't even wear cologne in our office,'' she said.=20

Pat Nowak, Vice-president of Kimberly-Clark, agrees that there may be =
some people who can't use the menthol and eucalyptus product.=20

''It's also meant for people with colds. It's meant to have a comforting =
soothing effect,'' he said. ''The lotion product is something people =
with allergies would find soothing.''=20

The new large-sized Kleenex should be handy for people who have =
gale-sized sneezes, she said.=20

The product is three-ply, which makes it one-and-a-half times larger =
than regular tissue.=20

''We've always sold extra-large tissues,'' said Nowak, explaining that =
the tissue is now becoming part of the Coldcare line. ''They used to be =
called 'man-sized.'''=20

Kleenex Coldcare will go head-to-head with Procter & Gamble's Puffs =
Plus, which account for almost 7.5 percent of total U.S. facial tissue =

Until the introduction of the new Kleenex brands, Puffs Plus was the =
only moisturized tissue on the market, offering an unscented aloe-sated =