RE: FoRK Theme

Joe Barrera (
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 12:15:16 -0700

It's not my fault if you have inexcusably huge gaping holes in your
knowledge of music.

> Let's get more obscure. How about Warren Zevon? Ricki Lee Jones? Kate

Obscure? Huh? No. Swans, Dead can Dance, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret
Voltaire, Coil, Current 93, Diamanda Galas, Galaxie 500, Guided by
Voices... *might* be considered obscure.

But Waren Zevon? Who has *not* heard "lawyers, guns, and money" five or
six thousand zillion already?

Although... drunk FoRKers singing Kate's "Wuthering Heights" could be
pretty amusing...

- Joe

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