RE: FoRK Theme

spunkanado (
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 15:26:23 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Joe Barrera wrote:

> Yes, you're right! It *must* be something by Tom Waits. I'll check this
> evening to see if I can find any other songs by him as, or more,
> appropriate...

"step right up" was the first one that came to my mind, but after a few
posts reflections I have one or two more from the Waits camp.

The Piano Has Been Drinking


his most glorious rendition of Waltzing Matilda.

Both songs have that half drunken but rambling air to them that seems to
steam from reading and posting to fork.

Both are great to sing after many pints of guinness while you weave
towards your computer to post the Next great thought.