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>> great, you pass the test, now name three other songs by Warren.
>1. Excitable Boy
>2. Werewolves of London
>3. Poor, poor pitiful me
>All of which received HEAVY airplay.

that explains it. I don't listen to the radio. KNAC for about the past 10
years here in LA until they turned into a Mexican radio station.I can't get
KUCI in the part of HB I live in, and so I listen to KLON the college jazz

>>>Although... drunk FoRKers singing Kate's "Wuthering Heights" could be
>>>pretty amusing...
>> funny, I thought Kate singing it was a laugh a minute.
>That was sort of the point. We might be able to do even better than one

drunk FoRKers by definition are already over 1 lpm.



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