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I prefer Monk, but Zorn is more intrinsically annoying, so maybe he's
more appropriate.

I'm not very good at imitating a sax, however, especially a high squeaky
sax... hey! That gives me an idea! Has Zorn ever covered "Wuthering
Heights"? (Perhaps without knowing it? :-)

- Joe

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On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, CobraBoy! wrote:

> that explains it. I don't listen to the radio. KNAC for about
the past 10
> years here in LA until they turned into a Mexican radio
station.I can't get
> KUCI in the part of HB I live in, and so I listen to KLON the
college jazz
> station.

So do we go instrumental with something by John Zorn or do we
just settle
on Monk's "and in walked bud"?