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Mon, 7 Jul 97 21:28:27 -0700

[This exchange really should have been FoRKed]

Well, in that case I should have told Wendy I'd behave myself
relativistically speaking.

- Ernie P.,

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[and the others Bay Area FoRKers]

Hey, it's not easy maintaining exponential growth over the long term.

Of course, in the LONG term we (Microsoft) will get screwed by the speed

of light, limiting growth to 1/r (assuming a sphere in space). I mean

that's not even linear growth. So I guess we really will have a chance

to get around to the easy-to-use stuff...


- Joe

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Yeah, I guess I'll skip my biweekly trip to LA in order to getFoRKed with

the gang. Plus, perhaps I can get Joe Barrerra drunk so he'll spill all
of Microsoft's future technology strategy
Well, okay, I guess that really isn't a secret.
1) Conquer the computer industry
2) Conquer the world
3) Conquer the universe
4) Finally get around to making Windows easy to use, administer,
and program for (if we feel like it)

-- Ernie P. ;-)

P.S. Yes, Wendy, I promise to behave during dinner. Relatively
speaking, of course.