duck (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 11:05:29 -0400 (EDT)

Saw "CONTACT" last night. Zemeckis out-Gumped himself. Brilliant
cinematography, great story, best performance i have ever seen Jodie Foster
give. Overload of CNN reports make it brush up against the cheese bowl,
and it is a teensy bit predictable, but i walked out of the theatre feeling
that i had just seen a REALLY good movie. Best part - characters that
parody Ralph Reed and Bill Gates. They also get Clinton to speak by
stealing a lot of his vague speeches and making it look like he's talking
about aliens. Very clever. Echoes of Gump, but better. Great film.
Treat yourself!


"While I'm fully aware that money can't buy happiness,
I wouldn't mind being known as "the melancholy
guy who drives the red Lamborghini Diablo."

- George Olson