Great new news service

Dan Kohn (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 10:49:48 -0700

This is the coolest news service I've found since I discovered Matt
Drudge 2 years ago. This guy reports on the cover stories from the NYT,
WSJ, LAT, USA Today, and the Washington Post, and he posts the stuff at
12 AM Pacific time

There's a great line from the Pelican Brief where the obnoxious chief of
staff asks someone if they've read "the papers." With this new feature
of Slate, you can pretend that you have.

Here's an excerpt from today:

The Post has Cambodia on the front above the fold, while the LAT and NYT
put it inside.... If nothing else, the episode allows the Post to trot
out this foreign correspondent's staple phrase (found, I believe, on key
F7): "the capital appeared calm but tense tonight." By the way, what
does that actually mean?

The Journal's front page "Work Week" column... relates how Karl Mason, a
self-described numerologist and astrologer, and a dozen of his
colleagues, have asked the Broward County, Florida, state attorney to
look into why the psychic phone network where they dispensed visions of
the future to callers had stopped paying their salaries. The county is
investigating. But the Journal wonders why the employees didn't see
trouble coming.

- dan