Ice breaker rant, fun at parties.

spunkanado (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 18:04:00 -0400 (EDT)

if you can stand before the virgin mary and hold one hearts
worth of memory
then maybe the collection agencies will stop hounding you for
the back taxes on last years karma junkete.
It has been made clear to us all that sammy hagar is the anti-christ
who had usurped the majesty of the lords only begotten sone,
david lee roth, and who has
for years taken his place
in both sound and image
until now
when the evil nations of zod have done as foretold by A and R prophets
"ye that they shall cast out the pretender to our lord
and maketh him make much doodie music
as he had made before
and lo they of the evil shall reap copyright laws
and make muchly of the lords only begoten sons trademark
We are in troubled times people, and we must never forget
that there is one person who is with us always
one person who watches over us in benidictions of chow mien
Pat Morita loves us all
and as he did instruct before so let as in praise intone
"wax on wax off"
For it is our lifes which we must rub out and in so doing make
clear for another coat
glossy and rain resistenet
see how the water beads
Lets us bow our colons in prayer
that loveth the smallest of us as he doth love the operas and
the arnolds and the trumps
cast unto our heads your aniontment of life
and shield us for hi load bearer accounts
May the lords face shine upon your blueblockers and make you smile
may he give you sustenence ..super sized
as it was on howard this morning
so it will be on charlie rose tonight