Israel turning into high-tech power

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Which country leads the world in number of engineers for every 10,000
citizens? Israel with 135. That's double the number in the U.S. and five
times that of Britain. Couple that with a high level of investment in
research and development, currently at 2.5 percent of gross domestic
product, and you have the makings of a high-tech superpower. Thanks to
the Internet removing geographical barriers, software start-ups and
high-tech exports in Israel are booming. Revenues from high-tech products
are approaching $5 billion a year, nearly a quarter of all Israeli
worldwide sales.

Among the Internet-related companies making their homes in Israel are
VocalTec, which makes Internet telephony products; Geo and VDONet, which
offer online video software; Check Point, a leader in network security;
and eSafe Technologies, which just released a new virus protection
program, eSafe Protect, that takes aim at hostile ActiveX controls and
Java applets.

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Ok, let's all read between the lines here. (Think spys...)

telephony, video, network security, virus protection.

glad to see the billions and billions of $ in props over the years is
paying off for them. Maybe soon they will be able to support themselves.



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