RE: TV Ratings to be modified

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 18:28:03 -0700

I generally agree with you. However.

The reason why (at least in much of California) you are not allowed
fireworks is because people are tired of having their homes burn down.

(People are also tired of getting shot, but the constitution never said
anything about fireworks being necessary for the maintenance of a
well-regulated militia.)

It was not too long that my wife and I were enjoying a Fourth of July
barbecue with her parents at their house, when Juliet observed that
there were flames visible rising above the roof. Turns out that her
parents' front yard (trees and bushes) was on fire, courtesy of the
neighbors having fun with fireworks. I'm still amazed that the firemen
got there in time to save the house.

- Joe

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