Re: Bye Bye apple pie, drove the chevy in the levy..

spunkanado (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 02:49:52 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, CARRIER LOST wrote:

> okay, to add some teeth...
> > There seems very little Apple can do now to pull itself out of the nose
> > dive finality of its own death. But there are a few things it can do to
> > remake itself so that some spark of it can be rekindled. If I had a chance
> > to talk to the suits working the strings over there, this is probably what
> > i would be saying.
> apple is as dead as 3j lacks throat nuggets. don't you forget it.

Apple, the thing that made it the kick ass company that gave me an Apple][
fetish that lasts even to this very day, the compnay that was gonna change
the world with the idea of a great computer dead. Has been for a
while. Whats left is a Nice hand tailored suit job that has as much soul
as Niketown. What we got here is a company, the finger having written has
moved on.

> except... PC hardware is so nasty. the major problem with apple
> hardware is that apple has made some tragically bad guesses on what
> sells, and doesn't build enough of the good things.

What we have seen in the last 4 years is that while the models of the
Hardware may be something Apple can be good at, the mass production and
marketting is something the likes of Power Computer and the cloners are
much better at. As Apple I would be thinking "how best do I get a
penetration into a tough market? Flood em any way I can with items that
folks not only want, but that they can afford have readly available"

> > a kick ass take no prisoners OS which runs on many
many platforms
> sounds great, but then next got bought by apple trying to make that
> monkey work. macos 8 is pretty solidly bound to mac hardware,
> trying to port it anywhere is a waste of time. rhapsody is (and
> will be) more appropriate for that.

Easy to do? Nope. But given the things apple was capable of I would say it
could be THE thing that gets em back up and running where they should be,
up front.

> > of the other fellas pockets? Folks stoped buying apple and started using
> > Gatesware for a reason. Find out why and givem What they want, only with
> > style.
> not many people stop buying apple, given the choice. and the number
> one myth corporate america buys gatesware... everybody else is doing
> it, why shouldn't we? gates knows better than anyone that the people
> in companies who actually buy the software tend to act like a pack of
> lemmings, and completely ignore what the software actually does, since
> they rarely have to actually use it. and the wintel world in general
> is amazingly tolerant of mediocrity, i suppose because the next version
> is going to fix all that, honest.

I have worked in a lot of offices and corp places. And I can say pretty
firmly that people actualy want things TO WORK. They realy dont give a
rats fuck who is making it or why its so great, they want the damn thing
to do the job so they can look good. They also want to know that if they
go over to another job or office they will be able to do the same things
there, they realy are not into relearning things , oddly most folks would
rather get on with living than have to retrain every year or so. If a
company, any company , puts out a product that can do this I can say for
certian that they will make millions.

This is why Apple still has a market in the design industry. It makes the
desingers LOOK GOOD, the products they use on the mac make them work
better, and when they get around to talking to other desingers they all
know what the fuck each other is talking about. It builds a market, a
community of users, and future sales.

If Apple could wither make that happen on its platforms, or get companies
to make the wares that do, you would be seeing Gatesware thinning greatly.
In the corp world there is a demand to look like you got your finger on
the pulse of things, and if something new comes along youd damn well
better have known about it before your boss read about it from Cringley or
Dovoark or fucking Martha Stewart. If apple can get something with a buzz
AND the damn thing actualy delivered on its word, man youd see MS doing a
few rounds of the ShittngInMyPants blues. There are a horde of IT/MIS
folks out there DYING to drop a bag of feces on Bill Gates's head. Just by
doing that Apple could make a kiiling and get back into the biz of being
insanley great.

> evil always wins.

And good always macs?

We could go around in circles but at the end of the day its gonna be the
board at apple who is gonna decide this one. And when its over its gonna
be the rest of us who either watch another childhood memory die a sad
death or rise from the ashes.