Stop the FoRKin' Insanity!

Adam Rifkin (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:30:45 -0700

[I composed this Monday in Virginia. Now it's Thursday and I'm in
New Mexico and it still applies. I've been disconnected these past
three days for because Windows 95 refused to recognize my modem.]

Stop! In the name of FoRK!

Seriously, just sit back and don't post for a second, and think
about why FoRK exists. I'm sitting here in Floyd, VA and Eudora
just popped me 80 FoRKposts of complete drivel. That's 15 minutes
at MCI calling card rates... roughly 4-5 bucks. Luckily, I was
using Rohit's calling card at the time, but it's the principle
of the thing, right? :)

The principle here is BIT TRANSFER, and the principal here is
ROHIT, the R and K of FoRK. The bit stops here. That is, this
list exists for the exchange of signal, not noise.

Signal would be defined as actual new knowledge being posted
for the benefits of we the readers. Noise would be defined as
all of the discussion which is nice on SOCIAL mailing lists,
but inappropriate for INFORMATION lists such as this.

The FoRK faq should give you some idea of the different between
signal (aka bits) and noise (aka antibits). Every antibit you
send destroys good, useful bits in my brain by clogging up the
wetware. And as Rohit can tell you, if I lose a few more brain
cells my species status is reduced to cro magnon.

It would be nice to go on unmoderated, without a filter and/or
restricted posting privileges. And hopefully we can. But I
must reiterate that this is not a discussion list, this is a
bit list. With all the information overflow and noise pollution
in our lives, let's try to keep FoRK a bastion of useful bits.


Stick a FoRK in it; it's done.