RE: Clueon Leakage

Joe Barrera (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 19:11:52 -0700

>>It would be a lesson in the obvious to speculate on the OS being used
>>this computer.

>Ah, but the real question is whether he was a MSFT employee, as
>isn't that far from Redmond...

Issaquah is in fact where I lived when working for Microsoft Redmond
(i.e., before moving to BARC).

Issaquah was a strange place. It was like 99+% white, mostly boomers,
lots of moms staying home, the fathers often these clueless male types
who take their lawns very seriously, everyone driving 4x4s that have
never been driven off-road, the teenage kids being total spoiled brats
with new cars and no brains, and everyone very impressed with what an
expensive neighborhood they lived in. (The houses were nice, but they
were like $250k which doesn't buy shit in the Bay Area.)

If you've seen much of Millenium, especially the episode where the sons
are kidnapped to pay for their father's sins, then you've seen a pretty
good representation of the place (as I experienced it).

At any rate, it was probably one of these dumb male lawn-fetish types
that blew out his computer. I mean, think about it. How long would
someone who gets that easily and totally frustrated at computers last at
Microsoft, where the unofficial motto is "we eat our own dog-food"? (We
are usually the front-line alpha and beta testers)

- Joe

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