Nightmare on Voidstreet

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-> I just want to say, for the record that Cobraboy is all his
-> reputation makes him out to be and more! I can't express in words how sick
-> I am am with grungy little punk kids who feel the need to tell everyone
-> how great they are every five seconds. When this guy finally got around to
-> taking his fucking headphones off, an hour had gone by at least. We were
-> all like, who the fuck is this anti social homeless person with the good
-> looking girls flocking around him. I thought Kurt Cobain was dead, dude.
-> I was really surprised that Void invited him and I'm sure he regrets it
-> now. I mean this wasn't some voxmeet, there were like REAL PEOPLE there!!!
-> And then the girls he shows up with!!! I hope he doesn't try to cross
-> state lines with them, is all I can say. I mean this twit, this pigeon
-> chested, grimy little twerp had fucking GROUPIES. Void and I all think he
-> must've given them roofies or some shit. These really good looking
-> children just laid around gazing either at him or the wall, possibly
-> comparing the two.
-> I had heard that if you are really really good at computers and stuff, you
-> can get girls, but I never realized that meant really hot teen age girls.
-> This was sick. And it wasn't like they were just friends with him either,
-> he has some sick sex thing going on with all them. Like they're under his
-> control.
-> And this whole "I'm best friends with the guys at apple" is no joke I guess
-> because one of these girls, a really foxy and (I hope I'm not pissing any
-> of the ladies off) busty one, had a white, skin tight tee-shirt with a
-> giant apple logo on it. NO there was no bra, just gravity defying youth!!!
-> So it's not just that I'm jealous, which in all honesty I am, but he really
-> is just a complete and total dick. The shit that came out of his mouth
-> when he wasn't smoking from the WATER BONG he brought was just
-> unbelievable. And with that "there's no possibility I am ever wrong" tone
-> of voice. .
-> So if any of you guys are thinking of coming out to LA and were thinking of
-> hooking up with Cobraboy, consider yourself warned.
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