Algonquin bears

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Wed, 16 Jul 1997 12:27:38 +0300 (EET DST)

Are you going camping in Algonquin this summer Dad?

Bear mauls 11-year-old boy in Algonquin Park

...awoke from his first camping trip early yesterday to find a black
bear dragging him by the foot from the tent where he was sleeping with
two other boys.

...One smashed a canoe paddle over the bear's head and beat it with a
second paddle until the bear ran off growling and climbed a nearby tree.

...Nicholas, who lost 23 chunks of flesh in the attack - most of them around
his buttocks and hip - underwent plastic surgery in a Montreal hospital
last night and is expected to make afull recovery.

...Last night officials were still searching for the bear and park
superintendent John Winters said that once found, it will be
destroyed and the body analyzed for disease or abnormalities.

...Only two other humans have been attacked by bears in the park's
104-year history.
Three boys were killed in 1978, and an adult couple, trapped on an island
with a bear, were killed in 1991.

Idiots. That makes *5* humans attacked (and killed) in *2* attacks.

Interesting. No attacks in the first 85 years, and now 3 in the last 19, with an increasing frequency (78,91,97). Do you suppose the bears are getting more aggressive for some reason? Much likelier explanation is that the number of people visiting the park is dramatically increasing, making incidents statistically more probable. I stick up for the bears. It shoulda eaten the stupid kid ;-).

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