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Joe Barrera (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:29:31 -0700

Yes, exactly, I've been meaning to ask whether *anyone* on this list had
any problems as a youth getting access to "smut". Paying older kids to
buy stuff from liquor stores, and raiding parental closets, are two
obvious and generally successful techniques. (And besides, magazines
tend to be higher resolution than online images, more portable and with
no power requirements.)

- Joe

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>WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Computer industry representatives meeting
at the White
>House on Wednesday were expected to announce they will provide
>greater access to anti-smut software and work to flag Web sites
that are
>clean enough for kids.

They must notyet be aware of Rob's Law:

You can't stop kids (or anyone else) from accessing smut they
want to see.

(even 10-year-olds in Ireland who happen to like perusing
full o' nekkid chicks ;)

-- Rob.