Gigabit National Data Grid

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 11:35:20 -0700 (PDT)

hey rohit - they're hiring! look, maybe you could take them up on
this one:

Title: Network Planner

Location: Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA

Duties: Responsible for creating a comprehensive plan for a global
optical fiber network capable of handling massive volumes of traffic,
with full self-restoration through multiple loops and the flexibility
to cope with continuous changes in direction and volume of traffic.

Requirements: Thorough knowledge of traffic flows, circuit pricing,
transmission equipment, restoration, and network design, as well as
widespread contacts with network planners around the world and
extensive experience in the submarine cable industry.

doh! you'd think that they already had one of these...


Rohit Khare writes:
> I was reading about an audacious new 275,000 km undersea fiber internet
> effort at which pointed to a paper by Raj Reddy at:
> Rohit
> PS. _Iridium_ won best new technology at Comdex according to Byte. What
> could ever explain that, Dan? :-) I assume it was only because they had a
> booth and their competitors did not.
> =======================
> The main thesis of this paper is that the creation of a Gigabit National
> Data Grid with Fiber-to-the-Home is the only solution that permits a user
> to get gigabit data rates to home at affordable rates in the foreseeable
> future. This paper provides the rationale, cost models, revenue models, and
> action items in support of this proposal. Based on this analysis, it
> appears that the return on investment would be substantial even if only 10%
> of the Internet users were to subscribe to the GNDG/FTTH at costs much
> lower than the current T1 rates. Specifically, it appears that such a
> network can deliver gigabit-to-home service for something like the current
> cost of ISDN (about $50/month)!
> =======================
> CTR Group Ltd., based in New Jersey, USA, is a startup company specializing
> in building infrastructure for the Internet on a global basis. Its first
> such effort is Project Oxygen, a US$14 billion "Super-Internet" based on a
> complex web of 275,000 km of mainly undersea optical fiber cable, with 262
> landing points in 175 countries and locations.
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