Operation Condor

duck (duck@hellskitchen.com)
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 21:40:18 -0400 (EDT)

What i learned at the Operation Condor premiere party Tuesday night in NYC -

Jackie the man Chan looks older in person, but his smile is even
more disarming. I wanted to take a swing at him just for the honor of
having him kick my ass.

My nervousness about not knowing how to spell "Fiorintino" was
unjustified since i was talking to her, not passing notes.

John Waters, sans Divine, is a very polite man.

Harvey Weinstein really is that ugly -- it's not just makeup.

Mira Sorvino is a loosey goosey when Quentin isn't around (maybe i
just didn't see him - he's a huge Chan fan.)

Jackie Chan's makeup artist is dating that bald black guy on the
Polo cologne add, and he's a very very nice guy and has a beautiful smile,
but talks too close to you, like he wants to do a quick catscan or something.


Please enjoy San Francisco without me, as i am poor and deathly afraid to
meet half of you anyway.


"A process which led from the amoeba to man appeared to the philosophers
to be obviously a progress, though whether the amoeba would agree with this
opinion is not known."
- Bertrand Russell