Concorde Discounts?

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[WSJ] Supersonic Discount

It's one of the better airline deals of the summer -- and it only costs
about $7,000 a ticket.

After years of refusing to budge, British Airways and Air France are taking
10% to 15% off standard Concorde fares between New York and London or
Paris. Air France even has a special deal for companions: $3,702 round-trip
between New York and Paris, a 60% savings. British Airways is marketing its
own "London in Style" package, complete with hotel accommodations and
airport transfers.

All of which is a little embarrassing to the two carriers, which have
always insisted on maintaining a certain level of prestige and
exclusiveness for supersonic service. (Neither airline, in fact, would use
the word "discount," preferring to call the summer specials "incentives.")
But many travel agents say the Concorde needs lower fares to attract more
business travelers.

"Even if the rates are lowered, they're still high," says a spokeswoman for
the Carlson Wagonlit Travel chain.

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